DHS Johnson

Friday, January 19th

SAT warm-up:  We finished the last two questions on the “Internet and Conversation” warm-up and handed warm-ups in.  WARM-UPS DUE

SAT practice:  We did an SAT reading practice and quickly graded it 4th hour.  7th hour went over answers from last week.


Thursday, January 18th

Read Jeff Flake’s senate speech from this week: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/24/us/politics/jeff-flake-transcript-senate-speech.html

Answer the following questions in complete sentences and hand in for a grade.

  1. Identify Flake’s premise in one or two sentences- complete sentence answers for the entire assignment PLEASE.
  2. Does Flake start by giving concession?  How?  How is this speech similar to Patrick Henry’s speech to the Virginia convention in this regard?
  3. Who is the primary audience for this speech?
  4. How does Flake use pathos?  Give one direct example from the speech in your explanation.  What emotion does this example appeal to?  What does Flake want his audience to feel?
  5. How does Flake use ethos?  Why should his audience trust him?  How does he establish credibility? Give a direct example from the speech for your answer.
  6. How does Flake use logos?  Give one direct example from the speech in your explanation.
  7. Is there a phrase that Flake repeats?  If so, why?


This is an individual assignment.  All answers should be in complete sentences.  This is due at the end of the hour for 35 performance points.


Wednesday, January 17

SAT warm-up: We did number 12 on the “Internet and Conversation” handout.

Concession/counterargument assignments are due!

Patrick Henry:  As a class, we reviewed the definitions of concession, counterargument, premise, pathos, ethos, and logos.  We read Patrick Henry’s famous “Give me liberty or give me death” speech on page 102 of the text and analyzed the speech for these rhetorical devices as a class.  Tomorrow you will be doing this assignment individually with a more current speech.


Tuesday, January 16th

SAT warm-up:  Today we did number 11 on the “Internet and Conversation” SAT warm-up handout.

Concession and Counterargument: 09Concession and Counterargument TO

Read the handout connected to the link above and make sure that you understand the terms “concession” and “counterargument.”

Listen to this NPR story on phones being locked up: https://www.npr.org/2018/01/11/577101803/a-schools-way-to-fight-phones-in-class-lock-em-up

Then in small groups or alone, write an argument where you argue BOTH SIDES (voice A and B).  Give a concession and counterargument that supports the side of the argument that you are choosing to support.  These arguments are due Wednesday for a grade.

Friday, January 12th

SAT warm-up:  We did number 10 of the practice worksheet today.

SAT practice in KAHN Academy

Thursday, January 11

Warm-up:  Answer #9 of the “Internet and Conversation” SAT warm-up.  Please write WHY wrong answers are wrong and correct answer is correct.

MLK: Visit this web page: https://kinginstitute.stanford.edu/liberation-curriculum/classroom-resources/king-quotes-war-and-peace

Choose one of the quotes from the page and make a poster with the quote.  On the back of the poster, write a paragraph about why the quote speaks to you.  How does the quote apply to human lives today?  All posters are due on Friday.  Remember King on your day off!

Wednesday, January 10th

Warm-up:  SAT “Internet and Conversation” question #8.

Terms:  Define “audience” and “premise”

Reading and analysis: In our text book, read “From Letter From Birmingham City Jail” (256 ).  Then in small groups, identify the premise and audience along with direct evidence of pathos, ethos, or logos, used in the letter.  Question:  Does King’s justification in breaking laws match your own?  Why or why not?

Each group receives prep points for participating in the activity.

Class discussion: last 10 minutes.